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We’ve been doing hand building and thrown pottery for over 20 years. Hand building is a realistic style, items such as hats, bags and shoes are all made to look like you can wear them. We throw everything from coffee mugs to colanders out of high fire pottery, making it oven and microwave safe. All our glazes are food safe.

Below are some sample of the various Pottery Creations we have made.  Special Orders are welcome.

Blue Bird House Face

Gold Bird House Face

11.5in Face Bottle

11in Face Bottle

7.5in Face Bottle

5.5in Mug

4in Mug

6.5in Painted Vase

6in Candle Holders

17.5in Chip and Dip Sombrero

13in Hand Built Hat

13in Hand Built Cowboy Hat

10.5in Hand Built Bag

7in Hand Built Bag

9in Hand Built Bag

9.75in Hand Built Bag

10in Hand Built Satchel

7in Hand Built Vessel

Sea Urchin Candle Holder

Sponge Holder

10 to 11in Painted Oval Casserole

8in Bowl

10in Bowl

Dragon Egg Paperweight